3 Daily Things You Can Do To Find Happiness

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I’ve had more people tell me how great I look this week than ever before.  These have been the people that have seen me once every year for almost three years now.  Each time they compliment me they seem to be asking, “What’s your secret?”

I’ve given them a litany of reasons.  Everything from exercising more to the dress I was wearing.  It was only when I found out that today was International Happiness Day that I realized why I really do look better than ever before.

It’s because I’m happy.  I used to rely on everyone else to make me happy.  My husband should shower me with love every day.  My boss should always praise me.  My business partner should thank me for all of that extra work.  It was up to everyone else to make me happy.


It wasn’t until I spent six extremely unhappy months that I realized it was time for a change.  It was time to take control of my own destiny.  I needed to make myself happy and it was not going to be easy.  But, it had to be done.

I took steps and made important decisions.  I am in a better place, for me.

Aside from major life changes, I make daily conscience decisions to find my own happiness.  They are small but they really add up.

The 3 daily things you can do to find happiness:

1. Ban the complaining   It’s easy to fall into a pattern of constant complaining.  You’re tired.  You are busy.  You are inundated with parenting and house work.  We’re all there with you but complaining about it isn’t helping.  It’s causing you to be angry, sad and resentful about your life.  When you make a conscience effort to stop complaining, everything suddenly doesn’t feel so bad.

2. Don’t make an excuse. You didn’t respond to the work email right away.  You messed up on a project.  You completely forgot to do something.  Just do it.  Apologize if you have to but get it done.  When you get into a pattern of making excuses, you make yourself a victim of whatever the world has thrown at you.

3. Take a technology break ‘me’ time three times a day.  Whether you ditch the tech and go for a walk, work out, read a book or spend time in the garden or even spend time with kids.  I walk from the parking lot to the office – about a five minute walk – without touching my cell phone.  It’s not easy but it’s worth it.  I get down and play with my kids.  This change is one of the most important ones I’ve made.

What do you do to work toward happiness every day?  What works for you?

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