5 Ways to Keep Kids’ Teeth Healthy

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Child with Halloween Cupcake

The scariest thing about Halloween for me is the candy.  With a family history of diabetes and being prone to cavities, I watch over my children’s sugar intake year round.  Halloween is the one day that they’re allowed to cheat.

After Halloween, their candy goes into a big bowl that gets put away.  They are allowed to have one piece after meals as their dessert.  And, I dump whatever candy is left at Christmas.

This Halloween, I’ll be implementing a few more rules thanks to the American Dental Association and Florida Dental Association.  They’ve released their top 5 tips for keeping kid’s mouths healthy during the holidays.  These tips are not just great for kids but also for adults!

5 Ways to Keep Kids’ Teeth Healthy

1. Avoid giving children candy or surgery drinks during the day.  Instead, enjoy the treats after mealtime when saliva production has increased and will help prevent tooth decay.

2. Dump the chewy candies like taffy which stick to your teeth and take longer to consume.  The longer the sugary food is in your mouth, the higher the risk for tooth decay.

3. Try sugarless gum as a candy alternative.  Chewing sugarless gum after meals helps prevent tooth decay because it increases saliva flow that helps clean out food and dental plaque.

4.  Balance the candy with drinks like fluorinated water instead of sugary beverages.

5. Eating foods that are calcium rich like leafy greens, cheese and almonds  and protein-rich like meat, fish, eggs and beans can help rebuild tooth enamel and bone.


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