5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

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Exercise Motivation

Finding time to work out isn’t easy.  Heck, finding time to take a shower isn’t easy.  I know.

Two years after the birth of my second child, I was 55 pounds heavier than my pre-children weight.  I was always tired, hungry and cranky.  I thought it was just the price I had to pay for having two children.

It wasn’t until I found an at-home exercise routine that worked for me that I started to loose the weight.  With a better diet and regular exercise, I dropped 40 pounds…and then got pregnant with my third child.   I was immediately worried that I’d gain all of the weight back.

Almost three year’s later and I’ve found that by watching what I eat and keeping myself motivated to exercise   I was able to drop the weight I put on during pregnancy.  It’s not easy but the key is to stay motivated.

My Top 5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

  1. Dress the part.  Put on your exercise clothes when you get up in the morning.  Change into it when you get home in the afternoon.  You may have to make breakfasts, dinner or put the kids to bed before you work out but just putting on your exercise clothes makes feel guilty if you don’t get in.  The clothes serve as a visual reminder that you made a commitment to yourself  work out.
  2. Put a yoga mat in your bedroom. I recently put my yoga mat in my room and think it’s one of the BEST decisions I ever made.  I pull out the mat and get in a quick stretch any time of day.  It also reminds me that exercise is part of my daily life and not a separate occurrence.
  3. Make a small investment. Spend a small amount of money each month on exercising.  Something as simple as purchasing a new sports bra will increase your motivation.  I’ve also been known to  surf the exercise offers on Groupon, LivingSocial, and Amazon Deals.  At a discounted rate,  you can pick up different exercise classes in your area.  It’s a good way to try them out and see what you like as well as keep you motivated to work out.
  4. Indulge in a TV show.  I never EVER watch television.  I just don’t have the time. (Ok, there is one show that I will watch religiously…Scandal…but who doesn’t?)  So television is a treat for me.  When I combine it with exercise its even better.  I’ll watch Hulu or Netflix as I log miles on the treadmill, jog in place in front of the TV or ride a standing bike.  It doesn’t feel like I’m working out if I’m indulging in a great TV show.
  5. Think differently. This is so important!  I don’t work out to be thin or muscular.  I exercise to be healthy.  I know if I push myself too hard or compare myself to others, I’ll quit.  I work out at a pace that’s right for me.  Some days, I’ll give it more than others and that’s fine.  As long as I’m logging exercise time, I’m doing good.




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