The Chemistry and Sparkle Behind Cinderella

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Cinderella Review

Forget Fifty Shades, Cinderella has more chemistry!

That is the first thing I thought of when I walked out of the advanced screening of Cinderella.  Where Fifty Shades of Grey felt short in creating a believable chemistry, Cinderella excelled.  It’s not rated R and there aren’t any racy scenes.  Yet Lily James and Richard Madden are far better at making you believe in a love story than Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan.

The 2015 Disney version of Cinderella is not the one the animated version you grew up with.  And, it’s also not for your younger children.  This Cinderella version is for your older tweens and teens (ages 9 and up).

It’s a live action portrayal of the Cinderella story.  There are mice, a fairy god mother and glass slippers.  Carefully planned sets and costuming create the magical Disney world we come to expect.

But, there are also three dead parents, an extremely cruel stepmother, mean-girl stepsisters and a completely passive female lead character.  You will be drawn in, you will want to believe in the magic and so will your children.  Just be sure to have a conversation with your children after you leave the theater because the real world is not a fairy tale.




The Sparkle Behind Cinderella

The question going through my head during the film: How did they get all of those crystals in Lily James’ hair?

There are a lot of Swarovski crystals in the film.  In fact, there are 1.7 million Swarovski crystals in Cinderella.  Swarovski teamed up with Academy Award winning costume designer Sandy Powell to add the sparkle to the costumes, jewelry, hair and makeup. Plus, Swarovski opened it’s archives to provide over 150 tiaras and pieces of jewelry.

And, what about the iconic glass slipper.  Yes, it’s Swarovski too!  Powell designed the slippers which were then cut from solid crystal and possess 221 light reflecting facets.


Want your own piece of the Cinderella sparkle?

With the Tremaine and Cinderella collections, you can have it.  The Tremaine collection for Atelier Swarovski features pieces created by Powell and inspired by Cate Blanchett’s character, Lady Tremaine (the wicked stepmother).  The line is reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour.  The Cinderella collection contains pieces of romantic jewelry and figurines that play homage to Disney’s iconic princesses.  It also includes two versions of the fabulous glass slipper!  Both collections will be available in 23 select stores beginning March 23.



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