5 Easy Last Minute Valentine Crafts and Treats

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I love Pinterest.  Who doesn’t?

I find myself loading my boards with pins.  Then feeling guilty that I never make them.  Why aren’t there little Pinterest fairies that come and do the work for you?

Now, here we are, just a few days away from Valentine’s getting a craft done seems almost impossible. But alas, Pinterest is here to help.  I have searched high and low in the Pinterest world for the easiest and cutest Valentine’s crafts and treats.

Here are the top five easy, last minute valentine crafts and treats I’m sure you can pull off: 

Celery Heart Stamping (By How We Learn)

Two stalks of celery, paint and voila your Valentine’s craft is in full swing.  This is an easy one to do with your toddler and bigger kids.

Celery Heart Stamp

Valentine’s Snack Mix (By A Night Owl Blog)

Forget about baking, melting chocolate or shaking out sprinkles!  The Valentine’s Snack Mix uses Valentine’s M&Ms, Graham Cracker Goldfish (or you could use Teddy Grahams) and marshmallows.

Valentine Mix


Toilet Paper Hearts (By Craftulate)

You don’t normally think of love when you think of toilet paper but add a little tape and you have a perfect heart stamp.  This is another great toddler craft!

Toilet Paper Roll Hearts



Valentine M&M Cookies (By Averie Cooks)

Yes, you could make your own chocolate chip cookie dough like this recipe calls for but why not make it even easier and drop those M&Ms onto prepackaged cookie dough?

Valentine Chocolate Chip Cookies


Heart Hands 

Get out the paint and let the kids have fun making hearts out of their hand prints.  Yes, it may get a little messy but think of the cute cards you’ll have when you’re done.

Heart Hands


Occasionally I do find the time to create a little craft here and there (take a look at the Love Blooms Valentine’s Wreath).  But, when I do craft it’s always something easy, a project that requires very few items, no hot glue and and quick clean up.

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