Favorite #MomProblems Tweets for Week of Aug. 17

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Maybe it was the fact that the kids were back in school.  OR, that on their first week back they’ve already managed to spread a cold around the entire house.  OR since I am sick I have been spending a lot of time reading all of your tweets.  Whatever it was ,the #MomProblems tweets were definitely laugh-out-loud worthy this week.

Take a look through some of my favorites and see what resonates most with you!

I had to laugh and cry with Andrea at the same time.  Pumping SUCKS!  I just hope she has understanding co-workers. 


Must include this one in the recap because this is the EXACT reason why MomProblem.com started!  After spending months at home with the baby, I had an important meeting to go to and just before I handed my then 3 month old over to my mother-in-law she spit up on me.

HA! HA! Because yes!  Gotta get that Angels’ card!

This little gem of an exchange had me rolling!  I love it when we get a good back and forth going.  Plus, who asked for another spin off of Dora in the first place?  Wasn’t Diego enough?


Oh, Ashley, I feel you.  I spend more money on concealer and eye makeup than I do on my own clothes.


I don’t know if this is safe and I don’t want to get in trouble so don’t try this at home but it’s INGENIOUS!  And hilarious! 

Oh and in case you were wondering, here’s my sick tweet for the week:

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