Favorite #MomProblems Tweets for Week of August 24

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We get warned about sleepless nights.  The challenges that come along with breastfeeding, teething, potty training and more.  Perhaps the one thing that no one tells you when you get pregnant is how you will never go to the restroom in peace in your own home again.  And this fact seemed to be the one thing that inspired the most #MomProblems tweets this week.

Gabrielle, let me be the first to tell you…it doesn’t get better!  My 12 year-old daughter uses any time I’m in the bathroom as a good time to tell me about her day.  Not when we’re in the car and I ask her.  Not when we’re at dinner and I ask her.  Not when I am anywhere outside of the restroom.  Only when I close the bathroom door does she suddenly feel the need to talk to me about school drama.  And, as much as I’d like to tell her to stop talking to me through the bathroom door, I don’t.  If that’s when she wants to talk to me then I’ll take it.  So, it doesn’t get better.  You get used to it.   


Yes! Yes! AND, YES!  If my eldest daughter isn’t talking to me through the door, there is always a sudden disaster.  I could leave the kids on the sofa peacefully watching cartoons and the minute I get in the bathroom it’s a disaster.  Or, the FedEx guy comes to the door…but we’ll save that for another #momproblems tweet. 


Did you know that sleep deprivation is a form of torture?  It is.

This tweet made me chuckle.  We don’t often think of our children as bosses but they are!  They often dictate our days and our moods.  



And this, this is my favorite tweet of the week!  Now we know where the ombré trend came from.  Thanks, Alexandra!


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Have a great long weekend, moms!


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