How to Wear Red Lipstick

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It was National Lipstick Day a few weeks ago and my amiga, fellow Neutrogena Ambassador and celebrity makeup artist Elizabeth Ulloa shared that her favorite lip color was red.  I couldn’t agree more and yet I was afraid to try a red lipstick for years.  I think moms are often afraid to try the color in fear that it will make them seem too aggressive, sexy or perhaps even trampy?!  It wasn’t until recently that I started experimenting with the color and learned how to wear red lipstick.

Maleficent Red by MAC

Fun, flirty and absolutely sexy, red lipstick does make a powerful statement.  As is key to everything, moderation is important when rocking a red lip.  When we sat down recently, Elizabeth shared with me that she recommends that women go with a more neutral eye shadow and blush to balance the bright red.

I also believe you should watch what you’re wearing.  A great red lip instantly dresses up a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt.  But, red lipstick and a pink blouse are a no – no.  Opt for solid or neutral color outfits.

Tips for Red Lips
Maleficent Red from MAC is amazing but does bleed a bit. Use a lip liner to keep this gloss in the lines.

Experiment with red lipstick and different outfits.  The worst that can happen is you have to wipe it off and go with a lighter lipstick color!   Remember to have fun, try out new things and most of all feel great.

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