Hi!  Welcome to Mom Problem where we laugh, cry and attempt to solve the unique problems that only us moms face.

I’m so glad you’ve joined me.  So let me introduce myself!  My name is Katherine and I am a Latina mother of three amazingly different children.

My kids span a ten year age range so I cover a wide range of topics from baby care to tween discipline.  We live in warm, sunny and sometimes rainy Miami.  We love to travel so you’ll find us in every corner of the world.


In addition to Mom Problem. I provide digital consulting services through my company Siren Marketing.  Siren Marketing is a boutique marketing and public relations focused on digital media and social media management.

And, I love to meet new people.  So tweet me @KatherineDoble, follow me on Instagram or send me an email (katherine@momproblem.com) even if it’s to just say hi!




Why MomProblem.com?

The idea first came to me as I madly attempted to clean off a gooey banana cookie that was wiped on my suit jacket by my toddler.  This was certainly one of those #MomProblems (check out our Twitter page to see more!)

Later on, I was at lunch with a woman not much younger than I who turned to me and said, “I am so scared to have kids!”

She wasn’t scared about child birth or being a bad parent.  Instead, she was worried about losing her sense of style, being forced to wear “mom jeans”, Keds and sweatshirts all of the time.  She ended her explanation with, “You have three kids how do you manage not to ‘look’ like a mom.”

Through that conversation, the idea for momproblem.com took shape.  The site is for modern, millennial moms who enjoy fashion, beauty and travel.  The mom who wants to have great meals but not spend hours in the kitchen working on them.  It’s for the mom who doesn’t want to just be called mom!

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  1. Maritere Rodriguez Bellas

    Hi Katherine! I am happy to meet you! Thanks for looking me up. Are you coming to the We All Grow Summit next week? I would love to talk to you in person. I need help promoting my book and would love to hear your suggestions. I write for todobebé.com and for HipLatina.com and always looking for Latina moms to interview for my articles/blog and would like to reach out to you for comments for future articles. Let me know so we can find sometime. Or we can talk on the phone soon. Thanks! Mari

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