Do You Have a Mentor?

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In life, there are crossroads that require contemplation and sage advice.  It’s when we get to these moments that we realize that we need mentors most.

Mentors are people who have gone before us and travelled similar roads we’re journeying on.  I believe mentors can be old or young, they can be those that have done our exact journey or traveled a different path but  provide an important perspective.

In “Lean In,” Sheryl Sandberg mentions that women come up to her all the time asking her to be their mentor.  She devotes paragraphs to why women must find mentors who take a mutual interest in them.  Mentorship is one of the strongest friendships and often we think of it as just that – a friendship.


Separate from mentors are people that we respect and admire but never have the chance to forge close relationships with.  I have a long list of those women (and men) and am constantly seeking new ones.  I believe inspiration and new ideas come in all forms and we should never stop meeting people or learning.

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, I will have the honor to attend the Women’s Success Summit in Miami and hear the “Damas de Lincoln” speak.  The “Damas de Lincoln” are thought leaders in their industries who have been honored by Lincoln Motor Company.

On Wednesday, December 10th, the following “Damas de Lincoln” will be presenting:

  • Liliam López, President/CEO, South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Lynn Ponder, Social Media Multicultural Marketing Specialist
  • Nina Torres, Owner Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery
  • Mariesl Losa, President and Chief Executive Officer of Health Council of South Florida

The Women’s Success Summit connects women with each other to network and learn how to promote themselves and their companies.  I am sure many women will find mentors and friends during the conference.

So now, I ask you, my reader, what are you doing to find a mentor?  What are you doing to create those new relationships and a network of people you can reach out to when you find those crossroads?

Whether it’s sparking up a relationship with another mom at the playground, attending conferences or having the courage to interact with someone you respect on social media, what are you doing to create a network of inspirational people around you?

I believe in multiple mentors because not everyone is great at everything.  I have a work mentor and a parenting mentor but not a personal life mentor.

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