‘Paddington’ Movie Review

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Did you grow up reading ‘Paddington’?

Have you read ‘Paddington’ to your children?

I learned that my husband had no idea who ‘Paddington’ was and my twelve year old daughter was a HUGE ‘Paddington’ fan!

But, whether you have no clue or are a big fan of the Peruvian Bear, you’ll become an instant fan of the movie.  ‘Paddington’ takes you to the deepest jungles of “Darkest Peru” and explains how the little bear learns how to speak, understand where London is and love marmalade.  After a tragedy (scary but not too scary for the little ones), Paddington is off to London.


The story continues with laughs, “aww” moments and action. All of which will have everyone in the family entertained.  My little one (three years old) was mesmerized by the bear while my middle child (eight years old) was laughing out loud, on the edge of his seat and cheering Paddington on.  The theme of family, love and understanding is one that will resonate with everyone.

‘Paddington’ is a live action movie starring Nicole Kidman, Hugh Bonneville (from Downton Abbey) and Sally Hawkins.  It hits theaters January 16th and is rated PG.

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