Summer Sun Safety Tips

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Summer Sun Safety Tips

Summer is upon us and so are days at the beach, pool and park.   It’s also time for increasing our sun care routines for ourselves and our children.  Here are a few summer sun safety tips to consider with for the entire family.

Keep multiple forms of sunscreen on hand.  Sprays, sticks, special formulas for baby skin and more – there are many options for sunscreens and I like to have them all in my arsenal because they each serve a different purpose.

Allow each family member to choose the type and form of sunscreen they prefer.  The toddler has her “very own” sunscreen and is more apt to use it because it’s special.  My husband likes the “sports” lines.  My seven year-old son likes sprays because he doesn’t want to stand still for too long.  As long as their using sunscreen I’ll buy them whatever they like

Invest in rash guards.  Rash guards or sun shirts, as I call them, are great for keeping shoulders, backs and chests from too much sun exposure.  I buy ones for my children on clearance at the end of every summer in a size bigger size.

Put sunscreen in every bag.  I have bottles of sunscreen in my purse, diaper bag, the kid’s backpacks and anywhere else I can shove a bottle.  Having a bottle handy is just as if not more important than that bottle of Purell.

Why is sun safety important?  There has been an increase in the number of pediatric cases of the deadly skin cancer, melanoma.  It has also been documented that severe sunburns in children increases their risk of developing melanoma.

What tips do you have for getting sunscreen on squirmy and extremely active children?  How do you keep your children sun safe during the summer?


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